Dear colleagues,

With the “Pediatrics in Cats and Dogs” Symposium, the Clinician Veterinary Medicine Association continues to shed light on the professional development of veterinarians. Since its inception, the Association has firmly believed that unity among professionals can solve any problems in our industry.

Apart from being hubs for academic development, the Spring Symposiums offer a unique chance to meet some friends and take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle. It is therefore important that we improve this organization every year. With this in mind, our preparations for the next symposium begin almost a year in advance. We put every idea on the table and sometimes spend hours discussing them until we reach the best ones. In this respect, the growing support of our valuable sponsors and colleagues is our greatest motivation.

This year, during the Symposium on Pediatrics, we aim to bring you many innovations with diverse presentations and meetings at company stands at the foyer. We are proud to welcome you all to the Sueno Deluxe Hotel, Antalya between April 11 and 14, 2019.

Hope to see you there…

Clinician Veterinary Medical Association

Dear veterinarians,

We are happy to hold the KLİVET 2019 International Seventh Spring Symposium on “Pediatrics in Cats and Dogs” at Sueno Deluxe Otel, Antalya between April 11 and 14, 2019. During this event, we will proudly share recent industry developments.

Along with an increase in cat and dog adoptions, pet owners’ expectations of their veterinarians are also rising. Proper healthcare and healthy nutrition will undeniably improve the lifespan and quality of lifes of cats and dogs. We must strictly meet the medical and behavioral needs of our friends from an early age.

In this context, speakers from the different disciplines will give comprehensive and up-to-date information emphasizing practices relating to internal diseases, surgery and the emergency care of cats and dogs in their early ages.

We are pleased to invite all of our colleagues to the KLIVET 2019 International Spring Symposium. It is a great opportunity to share our wisdom and fellowship.

Prof. Dr. Ebru YALÇIN
KLİVET 2019 Symposium Chair

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