Dr. Luis H Tello, MV, MS, DVM, COS

Luis graduated with Honors at the University of Chile in 1987. He began his Faculty career in the Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Department, but soon after moves to the Small Animal Medicine Department. He got his MSc degree in Animal Pathology and move to USA for a Fellowship at the University of Florida.

He received training on Emergency and Critical Care in the Center for ER & Trauma in Santiago, Chile, and at the Universities of Florida, Washington State, Virginia- Maryland and UC- Davis.

He was the Chairman of the Small Animal Medicine Residence Program and was the Director of the three Teaching Hospitals of the College of Veterinary Medicine until 2006 when decided to move back to private practice as the Medical Director of Las Condes Clinical Hospital.

He moves to USA to work as Medical Advisor for Quality Assurance with Banfield Pet Hospital in 2007. Later he received his license certification and come back to active practice serving as the Chief of Staff in the first and largest Hospital that the Company have, located in Portland Oregon, also known as “Classic”.

Later in 2015, he moves to a new position as the Chief of Staff for one of the Health and Education Hospital of Hannah the Pet Society in Tigard, Oregon

He is currently the Director and Chief of Staff of Hanna’s Veterinary & Emergency Hospital, located in Tigard, Oregon

Luis launched in September 2018 his third book: “The cat hit by a car” that followed his 1st book: “Trauma in Companion Animals” and his second book: “Management of Emergency by Trauma in Small Animals”. Also, he published numerous articles and proceedings in journals and magazines all over the world

He had lectured in international congresses and meetings all over the world and has participated in Continuing Education programs in more than 49 countries. Luis also has received multiple recognitions and awards during his career.

His areas of Interest are Emergency medicine, Trauma, Sepsis, CPR and Burns in Small Animals.